Prot. N° 1047/05 – Prot. 28/06 GBP
Establishment and Appointment

The diocesan Church, October 29, 2005, with the Eucharistic Concelebration that happened in the Mother Church of Corato at the 20th hour, closed the inquiry on the renown of the sanctity of the Servant of God “Luisa Piccarreta”, delivering to the Congregation of the Saints all the documents relating to her the following November 7th.
Now there remains the hard and delicate commitment of dealing with the study of the writings of the Servant of God, taking care of the typical (original writings transcribed into correct Italian language) and critical edition (writings with annotations), recognized by the relevant ecclesiastical authority.
.The writings of Luisa are:

• 36 handwritten volumes, called Diaries.
• Hours of the Passion. The 24 hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
• The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
• Memory of childhood.
• Pilgrimage of the soul in the Divine Will.
• Prayers: the three appeals; consecration to the Divine Will, the seven sorrows
...of Mary, the visit to Sacramental Jesus, yearnings for holiness, to Jesus all love.
• Letters: 239 to various addressees, 70 to Saint Annibale Maria di Francia.

For a critical work to be done well, I believe it appropriate to form a team of scholars, with the advice of Prof. Luigi Borriello of the Istituto Pontificio Teresiano.
With the help of God, under the action of the Holy Spirit, I am convinced that an operation of beneficial discernment will be completed for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity and benefit of a multitude of souls who are longing to discover the spirituality of the Divine Volition as it so emerges from the writings of the Servant of God, reviewed in the light of Divine Revelation and of the universal Magisterium of the Church.

In fact, I appoint the team so formed:
Prof. Luigi BORRIELLO - Theologian in Spirituality, consultant
Sac. Sabino LATTANZIO - Theologian in Ecclesiology, general coordinator and vice postulator
Sac. Sergio PELLEGRINI - Theologian in Morality
Sac. Vincenzo DIPILATO - Theologian in Dogmatic Fundamentals
P. Pablo MARTIN - Spiritualism of the Servant of God
Mons. Savino GIANNOTTI - Expert in Human Sciences.
Sac. Giuseppe LOBASCIO - Licensed in Ecclesiastical History